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Ever wanted to know what tranny mistress would do with you if you were a part of her life? You are not alone. When I looked at new tranny dominatrix update from TS Seduction, I immideately thought I just found my new tranny goddess to worship from now on.

It is Mistress Ariel Everitts. Her well toned tan body and sexy looks make her by far the hottest tranny dom on the whole site.

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Evil Goddess And Her Pathetic Slaveboy, She Forces Him To Suck And Pushes Her Firm Butt Into His Face

If you were thrown at her at random, she would quickly tie you up and force you to lick her feet. Unhappy with your foot licking skills, dominant tranny Ariel would slap your face and laugh at your pathetic cock.

Perhaps not so pathetic, but she likes to think about it this way. Slapping your face with her fat tranny muscle in the meantime and giving the haha on you.

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She would taunt you more and more and teach you the basics of tranny bdsm, with her on the dominant side. It is when your balls are pulled hard while her ass resides on your face. Playing with you like a cat plays with a ball of yarn.

Finally this hot tranny dom wants you moan as she fucks your ass and gives your balls a hard squeeze every ten frictions. After some hardcore ass fucking she pulls her cock out of your ass and cums on your face. Can you say yum now?

Sexy BDSM Training From This Athletic Black tranny Dominatrix

Ever asked yourself, what would happen if you meet a hot, brawny and powerful black bdsm dominatrix? You would endure her whipping your butt and pinching your cock that bulges thru your pants. But once she’s out of her sexy red laced corsed naked, you just won’t manage to keep your hands off your cock for long!

Black tranny mistress would be rather annoyed by your naughty demeanor and decide to wrap your torso in a tight straightjacket. She doesn’t want you to masturbate, rather she would just shove her fat black tranny cock down your throat.

Pinching your nose so you’re out of breath and begin to suck her harder as you starve for air. Your face would be slapped at least a dozen of times and you’d be talked down like a dirty slut.

Watch this ebony bondage mistress educate her slave into the basics of bdsm before fucking his ass and cumming on his slutty face. I would worship her tits, cock, ass, even feet and stomach if I could ever have a chance to… as this ebony tranny dom has what seems to be a perfect body!

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Don’t Be Fooled When tranny Dom Sucks Your Cock

She knows doing it often means a shorter way to reach your ass, which she’s been dreaming to penetrate with her fat tranny dick for a good month. Would you really expect this femine creature to have such a big dong hiding deep in her silky panties? Imagine your shock when this dominant tranny cuffs your hands during a blowjob and reveals her true identity!

I absolutely loved these new tranny mistress movies at TS Seduction, tranny Dominatrix Carmen Cruz was simply fantastic and her verbal abuse was simply spot on!

Be ready to develop one very massive hardon while you watch her seduce, humiliate and fuck this silly postal boy. I can only wish she was flirting with me instead of this poor bloke, and no doubt you too. Just watch it!

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Watch tranny Mistress Jesse Seduce And Fuck A Guy With Her Fat Cock And Big Passion

I can’t wait for every shot with hung tranny dominatrix Jesse seducing straight guys. I tell you why. Not only she is horse hung and very dominant tranny mistress, she is also one of these few tranny doms that loves long, passionate kisses while making love to her sexual victim. Watch her seducing this straight guy and making a nice work of his cock, mouth, nipples and his tight hole. There is little I wouldn’t do to find myself seduced and fucked by such hot dominant tranny.

It is gorgeous shemales like Jesse and Gia Darling which tempted me to open my wallet and join this site one year ago. Since then I didn’t look back, and can’t wait till one of those sexy seductive t-girls appear again.

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My Real Experience With tranny Dom And New Mistress Gia Darling Movie For You

It’s been a while since I updated my tranny domination diary. The reason was because I recently hooked up with a bdsm addicted tranny in real life, and very dominant one at that! Even though she likes to switch roles, she is mostly dominant, and loves to fuck guys. I can say this experience was amazing! I never had so much sexual pleasure in my life. I’d highly recommend everyone to try it for real at least once!

My hung tranny dom has such a big throbbing cock, fairly large tits and big ass which is pleasure to grab, lick and touch. Her balls are hanging down almost in same sexy ways as those of sexy tranny Mistress Gia Darling from TS Seduction. Of course I still keep my subscription at my favorite dominant tranny paysite, and keep recommending it to everyone addicted to sexy women with big boobs and big tranny cocks!

For those who wonder if it is possible to cum by just watching tranny bdsm porn I can swear yes, it is *almost* possible! I was close to orgasm at least four times watching hung tranny Gia Darling play as a slave for her doctor. She obeys him but then catches him off guard, and… you know what happens. No, you don’t know it all just yet! Please be sure to check out newest tranny domination update with lovely tranny Mistress Gia Darling, you’ll be as close to orgasm without even touching your genitalia as it possible!
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Watch Black tranny Fuck Guys With Her Long Thick Black Cock

Most dominant women that I used to meet with often prefer to wear a white or red bdsm outfit. However when it comes to tranny bondage with black(!) tranny dom, it is a whole another story. Black dominant shemales are quite rare to find, and especially so when one is dominant by nature. Just like gorgeous dominatrix Sexy Jade. In her black boots and the black bondage outfit she looks incredible! Her fairly long hair and her trained tranny body also looks fantastic.

When she stares at you with a smile you’ll have an instant hardon, and a strange sense like warm air breathed right between your ass cheeks. I can’t really explain how it feels like, you must absolutely watch this tranny domination movie to get the same feeling!

Watch Sexy Jade put her newly sub through rather intense tranny bondage, which of course includes sucking her big black tranny cock and taking it deep into the ass. I am wholly positive you won’t regret it!

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